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Loucks Family


in this county is descended from an ancestor who emigrated from Germany in 1759 and settled in Bucks County. From him sprang a grandson, Peter Loucks, who removed in 1800 and settled first just across Jacobs Creek in Fayette County, on a farm where now is McClure & Co.’s coke-works. Here he remained a year. He then purchased eighty acres of land, now a part of his grandson’s (Peter S. Loucks) place, of John Hugus, with a cabin on it, into which he moved. Two years later he bought another eighty-acre tract, included in the present town of Scottdale, of a Mr. Galloway. At that time an old house, stable, and blacksmith-shop were on this place, all standing on the site of the Methodist Episcopal Church lot. He had married in Bucks County Anna Overholt, by whom there were born the following children: Henry, Catharine, Jacob, Mary, and Martin, and those born after their arrival here were Sarah, married to Samuel Dillinger, John, Nancy, died young, and Peter, the latter living in Indiana. The original emigrant Loucks died about 1825, and his widow subsequently married Martin Stauffer.

Rev. Martin Loucks, who was only a year old when his parents came here, was born in 1798, and married Nancy Stauffer. He was a well-known Mennonite preacher, and preached at the old church in Stonersville. He died Nov. 7, 1869, aged seventy years, and his widow resides with her son, Peter S. Their children were Elizabeth, married to David F. Stoner and deceased; Jacob, Anna, Catherine, Abraham, Peter Stauffer, and John. In old times the nearest schoolhouse to the Loucks place was on the Overton farm, a mile distant, and was a stone, structure, octagon-shaped. The old Peter Loucks homestead of eighty acres is now included in the limits of Scottdale borough. John, second child of Peter Loucks, born here after his arrival from Bucks County, was the father of the late P. Loucks, who became an eminent minister of the Church of God denomination. The latter married the youngest daughter of John Fox, who moved to Westmoreland County when there was but one house where the town of Mount Pleasant now stands. Her mother, Frederica Carolina Sherbus, was from the canton of Kircheimlanden, Switzerland, and married Mr. John Fox in 1820. She died May 23, 1876, aged seventy-eight.

Rev. P. Loucks, had five children, two of whom, W.E. and E., are the teachers of the Stonersville schools.

Peter Loucks, the first of the name in the county, died July 10, 1825, aged sixty-four years, and his wife, Anna (Overholt), March 15, 1845, in her seventy-fifth year. is a genealogy site compiled of biographies from old county history books, user contributions and other sources. Compilation, design, artwork and concept covered by copyright. Copyright ©2013, All rights reserved. Contact me.  Privacy Policy.